Captcha of the next generation!

If you interact with your customers, your website forms are mostly protected with a Captcha. Whether used for a contact form, a comment field or an order wizard - your form fields must be protected against automatic submissions.

How does the "Tsuiseki Captcha" work?

The Tsuiseki Captcha is an automatic test that identifies the submitter of a form as a human being or computer generated script. If the submitter is not human, the script stops the processing of the form and you are able to execute appropriate steps.

Undisturbed user experience

The Tsuiseki Captcha is an invisible or hidden Captcha. The user is not asked to fill an additional form or to solve a mathematical equation. This approach is very user friendly and does not disturb the user experience of your website.

Ultimate or Community - choose your version

You can choose between the Ultimate and the Community version of the Tsuiseki Captcha. The two versions are basically equal but differ in their functional capabilities and are therefore made for different scopes of application. The Tsuiseki Captcha Community Version is released under the BSD license.

Ultimate Version: For customers with high user traffic and/or Lead-campaigns with a high demand on the quality of the users. Moreover, the data of the campaigns can be analyzed per data set and evaluated in the back end. Additional analysis methods for advanced fraud detection.

Community Version: For webmasters with simple forms to protect their sites against automated entries without using a Text- or Image-Captcha. This version does not contain the additional back end and the advanced analysis methods.

The following table contains the features of the Tsuiseki Captcha Ultimate and Community versions.

Features Ultimate Version Community Version
Pure JavaScript – no additional libraries required    
Integration not obviously visible    
cross-browser functionality    
Immediate blocking of the detected fraud    
Fraud detection on mobile devices    
Continuous code improvement    
Additional fraud detection modules    
Multiple levels of fraud detection    
Adaptable to website, campaign and traffic specifications    
Intuitive online frontend of all processed data    
Subsequent analysis of not in real time detected fraud    
Qualitative evaluation of traffic    
Tracking conversions per click    
Collect additional website data    
Additional in-house analysis and evaluation possibilities    
Updates done quickly and quietly    
Support through personal contact person    
License - BSD license
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Some additional key facts of the Tsuiseki Captcha are:

The Tsuiseki Captcha can be summarized with the following key facts:

  • Easy installation - little or no changes to website needed
  • System adjustments with little effort - short installation documentation
  • Very fast loading times - thus no interference of the functionalities
  • Mostly instant recognition of Bot traffic